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Paul is professionally qualified with a degree in music from the university of Edinburgh (B. Mus) and 14 years’ experience of teaching music and advising music teachers nationally.

His repertoire ranges from classical to jazz, musicals, film, dance, and contemporary pop. Paul also composes music and improvises. His touch is quite unique and while he is able to take classical pieces in his stride from his

professional training, when it comes to interpreting jazz and light music, Paul has a superb talent to deliver ravishing performances in every style with a fantastic natural feel. 

Visit the Repertoire page to hear Paul play in a wide range of styles.

If you want a specific piece for your event that’s not in his repertoire, he will quickly learn most requests specially for you and if you want a piece of music individually composed for your special occasion he can even do that! 


To get the best out of Paul, and for sheer ambience and visual impact, book a venue that has a quality grand piano on site which shows the venue takes music seriously.  But if there is no piano, Paul can bring a mobile digital piano. 

If you want a touch of class to make your event stand out, book Paul to add that extra special ingredient. 

Dressed in tuxedo (or more casual if you prefer) - he presents as immaculately as his piano playing.

I have listened to Paul’s music for over 40 years. He plays piano extraordinarily and never fails to inspire. In all sorts of contexts, he plays with technical brilliance and huge sensitivity
Sir John Rowling

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